Samstag, 30. Dezember 2006

Thorsten´s bus roof

Two weeks ago I had to realize that I will not finish the Messerschmit-Projekt this year due too the missing Carb and cylinder... but good to have some crazy friend calling for some support in realizing another "Schizzo-Projekt".

After long discussions Thorsten decided to cut off his "Pilzdach" and to implement a full comfort sleeping-Roof from Westfalia. Dennis, Felix, Thorsten, Thomas "welding god!" and me started the Project at thursday 8 pm and I had to leave at 4 am next day to get some sleep.

see the pics:
2005 family holiday in Corse...
Two times messure time cut...
it fits...
what a sundown

Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2006

Merry Christmas

Christmas-impression from Mannheim ... Adde and me met before a small but verry nice winter-Glühwein-meeting at "Christian´s Fahrschule" ... and like every time when Christian says "only a few guys who are crazzy about Porsche.." it was a highligh.... Thank you Christian!

Samstag, 16. Dezember 2006

the Messerschmitt Project II

nothing but styling....
...few days ago I have started with the new build up of the 58´ Vespa. I had to make a decission if the look should be show-condition or "used" ...after some cleaning I have decided that a complete restauration (with new paintjob) would destroy the old patina that no 5k EUR paintjob could give you back. At this moment many things are allready done also the engine is built up new, only the piston, the cylinder and the carburator are missing (I hope the "Rollerladen" will send them as a christmas present).

All tech specs are new or restored. Also wheels, suspension, brakes and all the cables and wires are new. It was fun to work on that kind of "bike" and I think it will be a lot of fun to cruise this vehicle...

To show you the actual state of the project check this out...:

Montag, 27. November 2006

1958 Vespa 150 T/3, Messerschmitt

This is my "brand new" ride for 2007 (target is to cruise before christmas 2006...). It is a 150ccm Vespa built in 1956 and the joke of that story: it is the motorcicle from my wifes´father. He bought it many years ago and kept it since the 70´s in his garage. It is still unrestored an I will only fit in a "Monster-Machine" (to be honest it will be the optimized 150ccm engine that is still installed).

Yesterday my girls, Maya and Linda (and that´s the reason why some people call me Suggar Daddy) felt in love with the little Italian... no wonder!

Sonntag, 26. November 2006

some pics to share my other rides...

Thats my ´62 bug (The car I love the most). I have owned it nearly 20 yeras ago and it was a long way to find the best setup. The first few years I drove the car every day with an 1200 ccm/34hp engine. It is now (usually) equipped with a 2110ccm / 190hp engine built by Udo Becker (the engine that is now in the Fiat-Project).
At the moment I have some gearbox problems (crack after a run in Bitburg) but I will try to get this car back on the track in 2007.

The "family-van" a ´79 T2B, we use this car for holliday trips (Corse, Denmark, GB... next year Norway).
Car is equiped with a 2 liter engine and 40 Weber Carbs, not to spend all the holliday on the road. It is easy to have some "independent" days because we have all we need inside... (pics: Denmark 2006, "best part of me" Steffi relaxing in Corse 2005).

During the next week I will spend some time to take pictures of my two-wheel projects some preview?:

to be continued...

Samstag, 25. November 2006

The 912

The Fiat was as mentioned my 2006-ride, for next year I will try to take part in some oldschool-ralley events. Not only for fast driving but also to test reliability and time-challange. I have bought the 1968 Porsche 912, which comes from Italy two years ago, from a collegue - thanks Elvis!
I had a lot of fun in the last few weeks driving the car through the Odenwald... It is now equiped with some Sabelt-safety-hooses, a tripmaster for comming events and a new muffler. Not more work to do so I have decided to look for some other work for the winter ...(coming next on this blogg)

Time to start...

...time to create an own blogg... most of the guys I hang arround have their own web-platform so it is really time to create an own one.
during the next months I will post a few pictures and thoughts concerning sense or non-sense of burning rubber, restoring old cars, bikes an everything that is worth to get testet in a "competion"....

So share the impressions and have fun...

The car above is my 2006-ride: Fiat 500 built in 1972 but and "mildly modified" with a VW gearbox and a 2110ccm beetle engine with dyno-testet 190hp :-).... 2006 was the year of testing but some modifications have to be done this winter...