Samstag, 16. Dezember 2006

the Messerschmitt Project II

nothing but styling....
...few days ago I have started with the new build up of the 58´ Vespa. I had to make a decission if the look should be show-condition or "used" ...after some cleaning I have decided that a complete restauration (with new paintjob) would destroy the old patina that no 5k EUR paintjob could give you back. At this moment many things are allready done also the engine is built up new, only the piston, the cylinder and the carburator are missing (I hope the "Rollerladen" will send them as a christmas present).

All tech specs are new or restored. Also wheels, suspension, brakes and all the cables and wires are new. It was fun to work on that kind of "bike" and I think it will be a lot of fun to cruise this vehicle...

To show you the actual state of the project check this out...:

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richarzzz hat gesagt…

hi gero,
nice to know your authentic aircraft is still running, now. so put on your parka and your deep blue levis and rev it up to the diner...:-) hope to get a test ride, soon! ;-)