Mittwoch, 25. April 2007

Langenburg Historic 2007

Last weekend we Steffi and me) take part at the Langenburg Historic Ralley.. what a weekend... fantastic!!!! Start was at Langenburg after a short breefing in "the Orangery"... nice place. We enjoyed the ride ....

Freitag, 13. April 2007

uuuups... we did it again...

in december I wrote about the end of our "Schizo-Project", cutting off the roof of Thorstens bus... Now we did it again, Thorsten, "The god of metal-treatment" himself ... Thomas, Armin, Oli, Felix and me. We cut off the roof of my holiday camper right befor the first meetings this year, to fit in the old (but new made) "Pilzdach", Thorsten had in his bus befor. Enjoy the pics, we had a lot of fun... Thanks a lot to all the helping hands again...

Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007

Samstag, 24. Februar 2007

the second live of the Messerschmitt.... Proj.II

Today it was done... I have finished the Vespa Messerschmitt. This morning I meet with Günther Düster the man who is the god of car interiors (see Gunnars Fackelzug.Project) and some of my rides, to finish the saddle of the Vespa. We choose a Mercedes Champagne leather witch has the same color as the original saddle of the Vespa in the 50´s.
The 150 ccm / 12 hp engine was now completely reinstalled with many new parts, also the 19´ dell´Orto Carb looks like a new one right of the box but... it is nearly 50 years old!
Belive me ...What a fun driving along the street seeing the neighbours behind their curtains looking who is making that noise on the street. :-)

... two new "old" projects are ready...

two weeks ago we finished Thorstens Bus... It´s great! The Roof got a new paintjob, new "curtain" and was installed within one day. Thorsten I wish you all the best for your next holliday trip and well sleeping on the top of your great bus.
Just see the pictures: