Samstag, 24. Februar 2007

the second live of the Messerschmitt.... Proj.II

Today it was done... I have finished the Vespa Messerschmitt. This morning I meet with Günther Düster the man who is the god of car interiors (see Gunnars Fackelzug.Project) and some of my rides, to finish the saddle of the Vespa. We choose a Mercedes Champagne leather witch has the same color as the original saddle of the Vespa in the 50´s.
The 150 ccm / 12 hp engine was now completely reinstalled with many new parts, also the 19´ dell´Orto Carb looks like a new one right of the box but... it is nearly 50 years old!
Belive me ...What a fun driving along the street seeing the neighbours behind their curtains looking who is making that noise on the street. :-)

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